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Left Lane is for Passing Only Bumper Sticker Now Available

Left lane is for passing only.  Yield to faster moving traffic. Don't be a left lane cruiser.  Share this message with your fellow commuters by slapping this 3" x 11" bumper sticker from on your car, van, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or whatever else you drive.

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Slower Vehicles Keep Right Bumper Sticker Now Available

Slower vehicles keep right.  Allow traffic to pass on left. It's the law in most states.  It's common courtesy in all of them.  Support this simple driving principle that improves traffic flow and safety with this 3" x 11" bumper sticker from

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Our first bumper sticker is now available!  It is a simple design showing the logo on a 3" x 11" bumper sticker.  You can now show your support for while driving.  Maybe your fellow drivers will now be able to figure out what you're doing when you're smoothing out traffic flow.  Hopefully, they'll want to help.

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